Owner And Director Janet Wright With Int CH "Okefeild Acres Snowy Christmas Dawn" - European Golden Retriever

Owner And Director Janet Wright With Int CH "Okefeild Acres Snowy Christmas Dawn" - European Golden Retriever

Welcome to starting your adoption process! We take puppy ownership seriously and want only the best families for our babies to go to. Being a breeder for over 15 years has shown us that carefully matching the right puppy to the right family needs to be top priority.

This form serves as a thorough screening process and is also educational. Our hope is that the different sections will help you to think about things that maybe you have never considered for the health and happiness of your new family member.

Please fill in each section so that your form will submit correctly. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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We recommend a Goldendoodle with a very wavy coat for someone that has dog allergies Visits to meet freshly bathed puppies away from our home will be arranged to determine if there is an allergic reaction
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Our health warranty requires new puppy owners to enroll their puppy in at least two levels of obedience training. Are you willing to do that? (This training requirement does not call into question whether the Purchaser has the knowledge or experience to train their new puppy, the purpose is to promote proper socialization in a public setting with other dogs and people, and to expose them to new situations.) *
The use of over the counter or prescribed flea / tick medications have been shown to cause neurological damage, seizures and death and can be poisonous to you and your children. Please read over the document and listen to the video covering these dangers and warnings, located at the bottom of our health warranty. Our health warranty does not cover health issues related to the use of these products. Ideas for safe and alternative methods will be included prior to receiving your puppy. *
Vaccinations given in a scheduled and informed way is important in order to avoid the development of HOD and dangerous autoimmune responses. A health chart listing what Okefeild Acres has given and what is recommended after going home will be provided.
This puppy will be a personal pet and will not be given away as a gift or be presented to any type of auction, broker or shelter. *
I am a licensed breeder in my state and regularly show my purebred dogs to improve the breed. I will be showing this puppy and using him/her for my breeding program. I understand that a copy of my state or USDA license, proof of showing my current dogs and pictures of my kennel area will be required and verified by my veterinarian.
Due to the increasing rise in accidental breedings and complications during and after surgery we will be spaying/neutering your puppy and monitor healing before leaving Okefeild Acres. There is nothing more devastating than losing a puppy after having bonded with him or her. Our expert surgeon specializes in early spay / neuter which is a safeguard for your new family member! *
Have you read over and do you agree to all of the terms on the health warranty listed on Okefeild Acre's website? *
Deposit breakown is listed below - I understand that deposits apply towards puppy payment are non-refundable but can be applied to another available puppy of purchaser's choice *
$100 Application deposit to add your name to an unborn litter reserve list or to visit and choose an available puppy. $400 finish deposit if reserving a puppy not ready to go home yet. I understand that deposits are not refundable but can be applied towards a future puppy.
Final payment - I understand that the final payment is due at six weeks of age or at time of puppy choice. Payments are non-refundable but can be applied to another available puppy of purchaser's choice *
I understand that payments are not refundable but can be applied towards a future puppy.
Missouri sales tax is 6.308% for residents of Missouri
Okefeild Acre's acceptable forms of payment are by invoice from Paypal, with Paypal fees added in, by cash at time of puppy choice or by United States Postal Money Orders, available from your local Post Office. Because of fraud in the past, we no longer accept personal checks, cashier's checks, or bank or grocery store money orders. *
Golden Retrievers have a substantial amount of shedding that can be managed with scheduled grooming about every eight weeks as well as brushing every other day. Goldendoodles have a continuously growing hair type coat, similar to a Poodle. Straight and medium wavy coats grow slower and will have some shedding, very wavy and curly coats will grow faster and will have almost no shedding. Regularly scheduled grooming will be required, about every eight weeks, and brushing every other day will be needed. Depending on your location, grooming costs can range from $65 to $125 average. Check out our "Grooming Goldendoodles" page for videos of different clips, it is helpful to take pictures to your groomer so that they know exactly what type of look you would like. We have also included learning videos of how to trim your puppy's nails and clean their ears. A link has also been provided to where I order all of my grooming supplies. *
Choose your preferred Pick Up / Delivery Option *
Disclosure: after years of searching for quality and effective dietary and health products, we are pleased to refer you to excellent product links on this website, some of which have affiliate links. If clicked through to make a purchase, we receive a small commission. at no extra expense to you, Proceeds are used to provide our adults and puppies a higher quality food which in turn produces healthier puppies offered for your consideration. *
Please confirm you have thoroughly read through and agree to the terms on this page and Okefeild Acres health warranty. *
By selecting "Yes" below you confirm that this will be considered an electronic signature on your behalf.

Schedule your visit!

Many breeders ban clients from visiting their facility but we feel that it is important for you to interact with and choose your new puppy in person. Here are the guidelines that we will be following:

For the protection of our puppies that are not fully vaccinated we limit visits to puppies that are six weeks or older and that fit the color, gender and temperament desired.

We ask that you respect safe bio security practices by not visiting another kennel before ours and that if you have had a puppy or dog with parvo that you decline to visit in person for the safety of our adults and puppies.

For those of you that live too far away to visit we offer Facetime calls so that you can still “meet” the puppy(s) that you are interested in and see their interaction with us.

Thank you for sharing your information with us! To schedule a visit to choose your puppy please submit the $100 application deposit. This amount will be applied towards the purchase price of your puppy. We look forward to helping you choose just the right puppy for many years of enjoyment ahead, enjoy browsing our website and starting your adoption journey! - Janet