How To Feed Puppies


Okefeild Acres recommends a quality adult or all life stages formula dog food for growing puppies.  Increasing evidence gathered by vets and breeders is showing that high protein/calcium puppy foods are causing a dramatic increase in joint and hip problems.  When a puppy receives high levels of protein and higher levels of calcium, contained in puppy formula foods, they can grow too quickly and their soft tissue cannot keep up with the rapid bone growth.  

When puppies are fed high protein/calcium, the bones grow faster than the surrounding soft tissue, causing the feet to turn off to the side, which is very painful.  If the protein/calcium is lowered and an adult maintenance food is fed to the affected puppy before the growth plates close, this problem can sometimes be reversed, depending on how closed the plates are.  Lowering the protein/calcium will not cause your puppy to be smaller as an adult, he will just mature to his genetic size at a slower rate.




  • Life's Abundance All Life Stages Dry Dog Food for English Cream Golden Retrievers, Mini and Standard Goldendoodles - Lower protein promotes slow growth for healthy joint development - Order Here


  • Life's Abundance Canned Food - Going to a new home can be stressful, a small spoon of canned food tempts puppies to eat when they go off their food - Order Here


  • Life's Abundance Fish Oil Supplement - Promotes brain development for higher intelligence and develops healthy skin and beautiful shiny coat! - Order Here


  • Life's Abundance Wellness Supplement - Boosting the immune system with wellness supplement helps puppy thrive, grow and maintain excellent health throughout their life! - Order Here


  • Buttermilk Powder – to prevent tear staining in light colored Goldendoodles, add 1 tsp 2X day to their food - Available Here On Amazon


  • Reverse Osmosis, filtered or distilled water – if you have hard water, the excess minerals can cause tear staining and kidney stone formation. Use mentioned water if necessary.




Plan on feeding your new puppy three times a day for the first few months, then twice a day by the time they are one year old.  Give recommended amount by weight, divided equally for the two or three meals.  You should be able to feel a nice layer of fat over the ribs.  Keep an eye on maintaining healthy weight, it's best to be a little bit on the lean side to encourage healthy joint growth, yet not too thin to where he is not thriving and growing well.

To determine how much food to order, there are 73 cups of food in a 20 lb. bag.  We recommend this size bag so that the food maintains freshness by going through the bag more quickly:

Puppies will eat about 1/2 a cup, 3 times a day, a 20 pound bag will last 6 plus weeks

A 50 lb dog will eat about 1 cup 2 times a day, a 20 pound bag will last a 50 pound dog approximately 5 weeks. 

Add the Life's Abundance Wellness Supplement and Omega Oil capsule to the first meal of the day.  Add 1 tsp buttermilk to each meal if you have a light colored Goldendoodle, to prevent tear stains. Adding a small spoonful of Life's Abundance canned food to each meal will encourage a healthy appetite (this will not be needed once your puppy becomes used to living in their new home.)

The last meal of the day should not be any later than 6:00 which will give your puppy time to eliminate before bedtime.  

Treats are a welcome way for your new puppy to be encouraged in their training.  We have found that our dogs love Life's Abundance Treats, which is what our trainers will be using to train your new puppy.  Give small bite size pieces so that they look forward to their rewards. 

Check out our "Common Dog Toxins" page to see what kind of foods are harmful to your dog.  It really is best for dogs to not be fed "people food" as it is not specially formulated for dogs and can cause bad eating habits and obesity, not to mention causing bad habits at dinner time!  Feed your dog their special mixture when you eat so they can be trained to eat their own food and not beg.