Training For Loose Leash Walk

For the best control, keep the leash and collar on your puppy  when he is out of the crate and have him supervised at all times.   Corrections can be done immediately and he won't learn the habit of running away when you reach to handle him.  Remove the leash and collar before returning him to the crate to avoid hanging accidents.


Nylon Leash And Collar

(Chain, pinch  or harness collars are not needed when the method below is taught correctly)

Puppy's Favorite Treats

Make walks a pleasure for yourself as well as your new puppy with these simple steps.  The most important tip is patience!  This is not something that will be learned over night.  Set aside specific training time to teach this lesson so that you won't be in a rush to have your puppy obey you.

The first step to teaching a loose leash walk will be to teach your puppy to stand nicely without pulling on his leash.  Have some small treats in your hand, relax and put your puppy on your left side.  If he runs out and pulls to the end of the leash, don't move or try to pull him back in to you.  Wait for your puppy to look back, then, return to you.  When he does, reward him.

When he is doing this consistently, say "heel" then step off with your left foot.  If he runs out and pulls to the end of the leash, again, don't move or try to pull him back in to you.  When he returns to you, start again.  Eventually your puppy will learn that by not pulling, the walk continues, which is a reward in itself.   If you stop every time he pulls and are consistent, your puppy will finally understand what is expected and will walk nicely with you.

A more controlled heel can be achieved by building on what your puppy already knows and shortening your leash until he is walking with his shoulder at your side.  This will take more time and is achieved more quickly if your puppy/older dog has learned how to pay attention to you.

Once your puppy is responding well and paying attention, check out these helpful videos by Chad Hines from Willow Creek Kennels to move your puppy into a more advanced heel. If you are not comfortable using a clicker you can use the word "yes" instead to mark correct behavior.

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