Train To Stop Barking Outside Of The Crate

For the best control, keep the leash and collar on your puppy  when he is out of the crate and have him supervised at all times.   Corrections can be done immediately and he won't learn the habit of running away when you reach to handle him.  Remove the leash and collar before returning him to the crate to avoid hanging accidents.


Nylon Leash And Collar

Spray Bottle With Water

Bitter Apple Brand Spray (available at pet supply stores)

Most of us like to know when someone is at our door or to be alerted when something outside isn't quite right.   When your puppy alerts you to these things, acknowledge the fact that he has done good by saying "good boy!" and pet him.  Now that you have been alerted and he has been rewarded, it is time for your puppy to let you take care of the situation.   Dogs like the security of knowing that you are in charge so that they are safe.  If they don't feel secure, they will continue barking.  Use the method below to let your puppy know that you are the leader.

With leash on, keep your spray bottle with you at all times when your puppy is out of the crate.  Right when he goes go bark, spray the face saying "quiet" at the same time.  This has to be done quickly and every time he barks.   If the water doesn't faze him, you can use the bitter apple sprayed directly into the mouth, they don't like this!  This method works excellent when done consistently.

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