Train Your Puppy To Not Jump Up

For the best control, keep the leash and collar on your puppy  when he is out of the crate and have him supervised at all times.   Corrections can be done immediately and he won't learn the habit of running away when you reach to handle him.  Remove the leash and collar before returning him to the crate to avoid hanging accidents.


Nylon Leash And Collar

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Master Sit/Stay

Master Sit And Greet

After times of separation, your puppy will want to jump up on you to say "hi!, I missed you!".  In his world, that is his natural way of greeting other dogs, this isn't just something he is doing to annoy you, this is dog language.  Just like everything else that you want your puppy to learn, he has to be trained to respond differently to what he naturally does. 

Whenever your puppy jumps up on you, turn to the side, completely ignore him and walk away.  Do not make eye contact, say anything or try to push him out of the way.  In a dog's eyes, these are all types of rewards that say that you are acknowledging their behavior.  Give him time to calm down and get all four feet on the floor.  Only after he is calm, should you greet your dog.  Make it low-key with a low voice and slow, calming motions.  If he starts to jump up again, repeat the process.  If this has become a habit it may take a while to break but if you are consistent this will take care of the problem.

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