Training To Leave It / Take It

For the best control, keep the leash and collar on your puppy  when he is out of the crate and have him supervised at all times.   Corrections can be done immediately and he won't learn the habit of running away when you reach to handle him.  Remove the leash and collar before returning him to the crate to avoid hanging accidents.


Nylon Leash And Collar

Additional Long Leash Or Rope

Puppy's Favorite Treats Or Toy


Master Sit / Stay

The goal with this lesson will be to teach your dog to leave an object that is not supposed to be touched by him.  By teaching your dog this lesson at a young age he will learn what he can and cannot touch with his mouth.

The first step is to teach your puppy to turn his head away from an object when you say "leave it."  Start off by having your puppy on the leash and your having one small bite-sized treat in each hand.   While sitting in front of your puppy,  open both of your hands (with a treat in each hand,) with palms up and hands close together.  Show your puppy the treats, whichever treat he goes for first, close your fist and say "leave it" at the same time.  Lure the other treat over to the side to get his head to turn, say "take it" at the same time he moves his head then let him eat the treat.  

Once your puppy consistently turns his head when the command of "leave it" is given, your next step will be to lure the treat up to your eyes so that he looks at you.  This is teaching your puppy to look at you for permission before being allowed to pick something up.  Lengthen the times between the command of "leave it" and "take it," before giving the reward. 

Step two will be to have your puppy sit.  Drop your leash and step on it.  Drop a treat in front of him, saying "leave it" at the same time. If he lunges for it say "ah ah" and place him back in to a sit.  Once he stops and waits, pick up the treat and say "take it" and let him go for the treat.  Again, lengthen the times between the command of "leave it" and "take it" before giving the reward. 

Step three will be to have your puppy sit.  Drop a treat in front of him, saying "leave it" at the same time.  Take a step back, lure your puppy to you and offer him a treat, this redirects his attention to you and off of what he needs to leave alone.  Again, lengthen the times between the command of "leave it," having him come to you, sitting, then receiving the reward.

Especially when your puppy is young, make sure to keep treats in your pocket to make it worth his while to always obey you.  Remember to make it more desirable to receive the treat than to do the wrong action that you are trying to stop.

This command is really handy when you are out for a walk and your puppy goes for objects that he shouldn't touch such as sticks, toys, dead things, etc.  It also can be used if he tries to go after another animal, child or adult, bicycle, car, etc.  Always be ready to reward your puppy for his good behavior!

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