Train Your Puppy To "Down"

For the best control, keep the leash and collar on your puppy  when he is out of the crate and have him supervised at all times.   Corrections can be done immediately and he won't learn the habit of running away when you reach to handle him.  Remove the leash and collar before returning him to the crate to avoid hanging accidents.


Nylon Leash And Collar

Puppy's Favorite Treats

Teaching your puppy to lie down is one of the most important commands that he will learn.  If your dog is in the down position, it discourages him from jumping on people and helps him to relax when he is overly excited. 

It's easiest to teach the down command after he has learned the sit command.  Start by having small treats in your hand and having your puppy sit.  Hold a treat between your thumb and forefinger with your palm facing down.  With the treat near your dog's nose, slowly lower your hand straight down towards the floor.  This will lure his head down and cause him to slide into the down position.  As soon as he hits the floor completely say, "down".  At first, reward with the treat immediately, saying "yes" at the same time.  Make him stay briefly,  then say "o.k."to release.   Start off by having him hold it for five seconds, then build to longer and longer periods of time. 

On rare occasions, there is a puppy that will not respond to the above method.  If this is the case, try this.  With leash on, have your puppy sit while you are kneeling on the floor.  Position yourself to one side, hold a treat up to the puppy's nose.  The next part you can do one of two ways.  First, put your arm under his front legs, lift the legs up and pull forward into the down.  The other method is to grasp one leg and pull forward while you are lowering the treat to the floor.  While he is going down, say, "down" at the same time.  Make him stay briefly, say "o.k.," release, then reward.  As above, start off by having him hold it for five seconds, then build to longer and longer periods of time. 

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