cocoa and armani

Newborns Are Here!

Birthday:               Born
Ready To Go:       
Coat Type:           F1b Medium/Very Wavy
Adult Weight:       15 - 20 lbs
Parents:               Meet Cocoa
                            Meet Armani


Cocoa and Armani have given birth to ------ beautiful F3 Mini Teddybear Goldendoodle puppies!  Expected to mature to around 30 - 40 lbs, coats will be medium to very wavy in ------- that will be soft and full for that awesome Teddybear look that everyone loves! Both Cocoa and Armani have excellent temperaments and we are expecting amazing family companions in this beautiful group of puppies.

Momma is doing great and has been given oxytocin to expel any retained afterbirth and penicillan to ward off infection.  She has received a bath and is recovering nicely.  Puppies are strong and of good weight and are really getting in there to nurse.

Regular updates will be posted so that you can watch the puppies as they grow.  Talk to Janet about receiving additional information and availability, click the button below to start your reservation!

Janet - 417-207-5346