We make housebreaking your new puppy easier by conditioning your puppy to love their crate at an early age and to ring the potty bell before going out the door. Duration of time is slowly built up so that by the time puppy goes home with you they are well on their way to finalizing housebreaking!

  • 3 weeks - crate with soft bedding is available for puppies to freely move in and out of

  • 3 weeks - litter box training started

  • 4 weeks - doggie door training begins by following mom in and out, teaching them to keep their living area clean

  • 4 weeks - formal crate training starts at feeding time when bowl is placed in the crate

  • 5 weeks - throwing in a treat for puppy to go in to eat is starting

  • 6 weeks - crating with chewy treat begins with door closed during daily training sessions

  • 7 weeks - night time crating for 5 hours is started

  • 8 weeks - night time crating for 6 hours is started

  • 9 weeks - night time crating for 7 hours is started

  • 10 weeks - full night time crating is started