Remi’s Nursery

Birthday: 2/25/19
Ready: 4/26/19
Coat Type: F3 Medium/Very Wavy
Colors: Apricot, Cafe au Lait
Adult Weight: 25 - 30 lb
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Parents: Meet Remi / Meet Armani

Meet Remi’s Puppies!

Remi’s babies have been temperament tested and they all scored beautifully! Color, coat type and temperament are everything we hoped for in this beautiful litter! Their individual pictures are now listed below.

Formal obedience training has begun working on:

  • holding with petting, body/mouth examination

  • brushing on the grooming table

  • blow dryer acceptance

  • clipper acceptance

  • doggie door training

  • introduction to using a litter box

  • beginning crate training

  • encourage coming and following with treat rewards

  • climbing up and down steps

  • walking on leash

  • beginning recall

  • sitting instead of jumping for attention (manding)

  • exposure to a moving wheel chair, walker, stoller and bicycle

It’s super cute to see these babies as they try to figure out what is asked of them and then actually doing it! These babies are being prepared for an excellent home with your family, contact Janet for adoption details!

Four Weeks Old


Remi’s puppies are four weeks old now and are super adorable and sweet! They have started eating softened food and love it! As they are eating we play our puppy racket recording to condition them to accept the loud noises that they will hear in their future life. We have also added a feeder with dry food so that they can get used to just eating it dry. Mom is separated from pups each day now, during training time, and new toys are introduced each day for them to enjoy. Puppies are also starting to use the litter box, learning to keep their living area clean.

Our trainers have started taking the puppies outside for playtime with toys and are working to condition them to accept scary moving objects rolling around them like a stroller, wheelchair, walker and cane. They also are learning to explore on their own and visit with our cats.

Temperaments are showing to be very sweet and loving, little tails are wagging when someone reaches to pet them. By the next update, at six weeks, puppies will be following Remi in and out the dog door and will begin the weaning process.

Next update will be at six weeks when we add individual pictures and temperament test results, we will then have scheduled visits to choose or meet your puppy!

Talk to Janet about receiving additional information about availability or click the button above to start your reservation!

Two Weeks Old


Remi’s puppies are growing up fast! Little eyes are open now and babies are fat and content! They have finished up their Early Neurological Stimulation exercises and really responded well! Each day saw them accepting the exercises a little bit better, the perfect start in their first step towards going whatever direction you need, whether it be for therapy, diabetic/seizure alert or an excellent family companion. Click on the bold link to read over a more scientific description and watch a short video by author, trainer and AKC judge, Dr. Carmin Battaglia.

Talk to Janet about receiving additional information about availability or click the button above to start your reservation! Our next update will be at four weeks!

Newborns Are Here!


Remi and Armani have given birth to seven beautiful F3 Mini Teddybear Goldendoodle puppies!  Expected to mature to around 25 - 30 lbs, coats will be medium to very wavy that will be soft and full for that awesome Teddybear look that everyone loves!  Both Remi and Armani have excellent temperaments and we are expecting exceptional family companions in this beautiful group of puppies.

Momma had a slower recovery than usual but is now doing great. We gave her oxytocin to expel any retained afterbirth and penicillan to ward off infection.  She has received a bath and has settled in excellently with her first litter of puppies.  Babies are strong and of good weight and are really getting in there to nurse.

Next update will be at two weeks!