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Many breeders ban clients from visiting their facility but we feel that it is important for you to interact with and choose your new puppy in person.

Do you live too far to visit? No problem, we can do a meet and greet through Facetime so that you can see your favorite puppy(ies) interacting with us!

Guidelines That We Will Be following

  • Begin by calling Janet to discuss what type of puppy that you are looking for. We will take into consideration size, color, energy, special purpose (therapy, service, diabetic alert, seizure alert, special needs companion) and the needs of your family to help you make the best choice.

  • Submit your online application, not only do we want to meet you, this is also an education process to help you learn more about how to care best for your new family member.

  • Place the $100 application deposit, this amount applies towards the price of the puppy and can be transferred to a future litter, if needed.

  • For the protection of our puppies that are not fully vaccinated we offer visits to puppies that are six weeks or older and that fit the color, gender and temperament desired. Growth pictures and videos will be added to the nurseries so that you can have the enjoyment of watching the puppies as they grow until puppy choice day.

  • We ask that you respect safe bio security practices by not visiting another kennel before ours and that if you have had a puppy or dog with parvo that you decline to visit in person for the safety of our adults and puppies.

We appreciate your interest in one of our beautiful puppies, contact Janet to start your adoption journey!