Health Warranty

Seller's Provisions

Okefeild Acre's puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to going to their new home. A well-exam paper, stating that the puppy listed below has been found in good health, will be issued and included in Purchaser's paperwork.

FATAL VIRUSES - Seller warranties the puppy listed below against distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and parvovirus for 72 hours after receipt. If, within the first 72 hours after the date of receipt, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza or parvovirus causes the death of the puppy, Seller will replace the puppy with another available puppy of equal value from a litter chosen by the Purchaser, shipping not included. 

CONGENITAL ANOMOLIES - If, on or before the date of two years after the birth of the puppy listed below, a congenital anomaly causes the death of said puppy, Seller will replace the puppy with a puppy of equal value from a litter chosen by the Purchaser, shipping not included. Defects attributed to other than congenital anomaly are not covered under this warranty.

CRIPPLING ELBOW/HIP DYSPLASIA – If, on or before the date of two years after the birth of the puppy listed below, evidence of crippling elbow or hip dysplasia is certified on an OFA report (Pennhip will not be considered valid) and puppy needs to be euthanized due to pain (to be approved of by Seller's veterinarian,) the Seller will replace the puppy with another available puppy of equal value from a litter chosen by the Purchaser, shipping not included. Because many cases of canine hip dysplasia, skin and coat issues, allergies, digestive issues and heart problems are related to poor or incorrect nutrition, we require that your puppy be fed Life's Abundance All Life Stages Premium dog food (order link provided on our website.) The lower protein/calcium will promote healthy joint development, inclusion of essential fatty acids promotes healthy skin and coat, high quality holistic ingredients promote non allergic reactions, probiotics promote healthy stools and correct amount of taurine promotes healthy heart health.  Purchaser agrees to keep said puppy in a lean condition to promote healthy joint growth (documentation showing the type of food being fed is required in order for this warranty to be effective). This dysplasia warranty is void if a vet has found that Purchaser has overfed puppy to the point of being overweight, if Purchaser has fed anything other than Life’s Abundance All Life Stages dog food, kenneled or kept puppy on cement or slippery surfaces, pressed on hips to force the puppy to sit or allowed the puppy to jog, run, jump on and off furniture or climb steps excessively. Joint problems that are due to improper nutrition, injury, abuse or over vaccination (vaccination protocol is listed on Purchaser's accompanying health chart) are not covered under this Elbow/Hip warranty.  

Disclosure: After years of searching for quality and effective dietary and health products, we are pleased to refer you to excellent product links on this website, some of which have affiliate links. If clicked through to make a purchase, we receive a small commission. At no extra expense to you, proceeds are used to provide our adults and puppies a higher quality food which in turn produces healthier puppies offered for your consideration.

Purchaser's Responsibilities


CONTINUING HEALTH/NUTRITION/HOUSING CARE - Purchaser agrees to provide scheduled health care, food and clean water at appropriate times and climate controlled, indoor shelter. Purchaser agrees to keep the puppy listed below up-to-date on veterinarian administered vaccinations and de-womed as listed on the accompanying health chart. A folder with records of the puppy's treatments with his/her corresponding microchip number (listed below) should be kept for future reference. 

Purchaser understands that puppies' immune systems are not fully developed when leaving Okefeild Acres and that the puppy listed below will have received two DA2PPv vaccinations, one Bordatella vaccination and de-worming/bacterial control every ten days from birth to promote current, healthy immunity. Continued vet given DAPPv, Bordatella and Rabies vaccinations and de-worming/bacterial control, as outlined by the accompanying health chart, will be necessary. Limited exposure is recommended to unknown environment and people/animal contact until said puppy is fully inoculated and on a regular parasite/bacterial control program. Below are some suggestions: 

1. Visits to the vet: Never put your puppy on the floor or the ground outside of the clinic, instead, carry your puppy or use a pet carrier. Ask the vet staff to disinfect the exam table before you set your pup down for his/her exam. 

2. Dog parks, pet shops, puppy preschool and areas where other dogs of unknown health may have visited should be off limits until your pup has fully completed his/her series of puppy vaccinations.

Purchaser agrees to have their vet follow the vaccination/bacterial control protocol listed on the accompanying health chart. Failure to follow this required protocol, listed on the accompanying health chart, completely nullifies this heath warranty.  

SOCIALIZATION/TRAINING - Purchaser understands the importance of socializing their new puppy with strangers, other dogs, cats and small animals. Purchaser agrees to enroll their new puppy in and complete two levels of obedience training, with Purchaser as handler, to encourage a well-rounded, obedient nature that will benefit both the puppy and it's new family. This training requirement does not call in to question whether the Purchaser has the knowledge or experience to train their new puppy, the purpose is to promote proper socialization in a public setting with other dogs and people, and to expose them to new situations. Proof of satisfaction of this requirement shall be presented to Seller if requested by Seller. 

SPAYING/NEUTERING/BREEDING – Purchaser understands that the puppy listed below will have been spayed/neutered before leaving Okefeild Acres and will not be able to be used for breeding purposes. Click link below to read about the benefits of early spay / neuter.

REHOMING PUPPY - Purchaser understands that if after receiving the puppy listed below, Purchaser is no longer able to care for their puppy (due to but not limited to, allergies, landlord refusal, family problems, financial problems or adjustment problems) that no refund will be given by the Seller. Purchaser understands that it is the Purchaser's responsibility to place their puppy in a quality home and agrees to NOT resell the puppy listed below to a broker/pet store or surrender their puppy to a rescue, shelter, pound or any other like organization. 

Warranty Conditions


Medical condition claims must be confirmed by two concurring, separate, board certified, veterinarians through appropriate autopsy, necropsy, blood testing or OFA X-Rays (Pennhip is not acceptable,) and documented with puppy's microchip number. Seller reserves the right to confirm the diagnosis by forwarding all records with corresponding microchip number to our veterinarian. If the medical conditions are found to be valid, puppy replacement will be given (not including shipping) after the puppy's registration, copies of obedience training certificates, receipts for food and copies of the signed health warranty and accompanying health chart are returned to the Seller. 

Purchaser acknowledges that they have read, understand and approve of all warranty conditions and terms listed herein. This is a one time puppy replacement warranty only, no cash refunds will be given. No other warranties or guarantees are given or implied. In the event of any litigation in connection with this health warranty/guaranty, Purchaser agrees to be responsible for all of Seller's attorney fees. Under no circumstance shall the Seller be liable to the Purchaser or to any third party for any veterinarian bills or consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in a manner related to the puppy/dog listed below. If said puppy sustains or develops health problems after injury, mistreatment, neglect, applying over the counter or oral flea and/or tick medication, being exposed to chemically treated lawns, feeding anything other than Life’s Abundance All Life Stages dog food (receipts showing proof of purchase will be required) or after failure to follow the required vaccination protocol, listed on the accompanying health chart, the Seller will not assume responsibility for the puppy/dog or resulting expenses involved and no refund or replacement puppy will be given. Venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to this warranty shall be exclusively in Dallas County, Missouri. This health warranty/guarantee is extended to the original Purchaser(s) only, and is not transferable. 

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