Your Puppy Starter Kit

You are about to welcome one of our puppies into your home, that is so exciting!  Here is a list of practical supplies that we include in your puppy starter kit, our way of saying thank you and to help your puppy adjust to your new home as quickly as possible


Life’s Abundance All Life Stages Dog Food

Okefeild-Acres-Nylon-Collar (2).jpg

Guardian Gear

Quality nylon collar


Guardian Gear

Quality nylon leash


Training Treat Pouch

Hands free training is easy with this great pouch to carry your pup’s favorite treats, training line and ball!


Potty Bells

Quickly potty train your puppy with the potty bells that we will be aquainting your puppy with during their training lessons. This will easily transition your puppy because they will already be familiar with using the bell to go out the door!


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Document Folder


Signed health warranty

Health chart listing what has been given/what is due

Microchip with enrollment document

Documented vet check

Proof of spay/neuter

Puppy care sheets

NuVet vitamin samples and brochure