About Us

Welcome To Okefeild Acres Website!

My name is Janet Wright and we specialize in champion sired Mini and Standard Teddybear Goldendoodles and International Champion European English Cream Golden Retrievers.  Situated on beautiful acreage, our home is located about 35 miles north of Springfield, Missouri.

Breeders that aren't serious come and go but my passion for raising quality puppies with a distinctive look and awesome temperaments has been a dedicated journey since 2004. A clear vision and outline of socialization and a team of experienced trainers develop puppies that will be a joy to your home, not to mention the star of your little one's obedience classes! We have also had the privilege of raising and keeping back our best puppies from champion sired parents to develop puppies with correct coat, body type and adorable looks that you can enjoy and be proud of.

I know that you have probably done a lot of research and may still have questions. Feel free to reach out to me to talk about what you are looking for in your new family member.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you choose a quality puppy that will bring joy to your home for many years to come!


Janet Wright

Director And Owner Of Okefeild Acres

Janet has had the privilege of raising quality puppies since 2004 and has focused on the development of Goldendoodles since 2006 and European Golden Retrievers since 2012.  Years of dedication in raising exceptional puppies for families and now therapy and service prospects, brings experience and passion to the forefront of the Goldendoodle world. Featured in Alan Kenworthy's book, "Goldendoodles, The Owners Guide From Puppy To Old Age" she had the honor of helping develop this great guide for owning and caring for Goldendoodles. 

Whether you are looking for a therapy prospect or an excellent family companion, her European Golden Retrievers and Mini or Standard size Goldendoodles, straight, medium or wavy coat types and beautiful colors provide the options that you are looking for!


Tamara Wright

Website Designs And photographer

There are many little details that go into raising a beautiful, healthy and well-socialized puppy!  Having been raised in our home, Tamara has been involved in every aspect of puppy and adult dog care and I can count on her to jump in and help wherever she is needed!

On a typical day, you can see her preparing puppies or adults for photography sessions and helping with socializing young baby puppies or training our older puppies. 

We also entrust puppies into her care for vehicle and in-cabin personal hand delivery to your closest major airport, your baby is in good hands!

I couldn't do this without Tamara's excellent help, she is a valuable and important part of our team here at Okefeild Acres!


Brisa Cymbaluk


One can only be as successful as the diligent people surrounding them!  Brisa started with us several years ago and has become an invaluable help to us in our breeding program.  Reliable, super friendly and particular, she oversees the day to day management of our kennel care.  Whether it's cleaning, caring for our adult dietary needs, grooming or training, she does it all! Thank you Brisa for your awesome oversight!


Caitria Gelderman


We are so excited to welcome Caitria back to our team!  Having worked for us for several years before marriage and the birth of her first child, it's awesome to have her back with us.  Her past experience with us and her bubbly personality is exactly what we needed to for our extensive socialization and older puppy training program!  


Julia Horinek


We are excited to welcome Julia to our team! A student that lives in our area, she is learning the important task of keeping our adults clean and well-groomed!  It takes a bit of artistic talent and she is already showing real aptitude for making our adults look great!  Thanks Julia, you have jumped in feet first and are doing a great job!


Ben Parsons

Construction, Grounds Maintenance

Pictured doing what he loves best, Ben and his crew do an excellent job of keeping our property looking top notch!  Whether it's lawn care, installing fence or doing major construction, he brings talent to our team, making our place look great!  He's diligently finishing up our new welcome center so that you have an awesome space to meet your new family member!

About Our Name

Many people ask us where we found our name and why we spell it the way that we do.  When deciding on our name we wanted something earthy sounding that described our property.  The majority of the trees in our pastures are oak trees so we wanted to use "oak" and "field" then thought using "acres" would possibly be a good addition.  

With a bit of searching Janet came across a will from Berkshire, England dated 1701 with a property named "Okefeild."  Since her family is of English descent, we thought that it would be awesome to use part of her English heritage in our name.  Click here to learn more.